About Us

Two shops under one home:

Whiskey River & Angel Spit are the projects of ATX based queer latina artist Justina Gil.

angel spit:

Angel Spit is a reflection of my personal style: dark, edgy, bold, and 90's inspired.

I love feeling connected with our history through the medium of chainmaille and am honored to see my work loved by others.

I take great care in selecting quality materials and my creations often take hours to make as each link is woven by hand.

All designs are handmade from my home in Austin, TX.

whiskey river:

Whiskey River Vintage started as a project between three friends with
a love for Willie Nelson and thrifting!

I've been obsessed with fashion ever since I was little, and still love exploring and expressing my style through my shop.

I have a deep appreciation for our planet Earth, and it fills my heart to be able to save and send pre-owned pieces to happy homes, instead of landfills.

A lot of time and good intention is poured into my work when it comes to hunting for these hidden gems!

Every purchase gives me the means to support myself, my business, and sustainable fashion.

Thank you so much for taking interest in my collection, and for supporting small businesses!

check out our stockists to shop my vintage picks and chainmaille creations irl <3


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